Meraki - 802.11d

802.11d is a wireless network communications specification for use in countries where systems using other standards in the 802.11 families are not allowed to operate. Enabling support for 802.11d on the AP causes the AP to broadcast which country it is operating in as a part of its beacons and probe responses. This allows client stations to operate in any country without reconfiguration. 

To check whether or not 802.11d is enabled, Go to the WiFiScanner and start a session. Check the amendments column.


Always enable this feature, for the benefit of client devices. Be on the lookout for APs with the wrong country code.

Meraki Solution:

  1. Login to your Meraki Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the “Network-Wide” tab on the left-hand column
  3. Under “Configure” click “General”
  4. Scroll down until you see “Country”
  5. Choose the appropriate country.
  6. After the changes have been made, click “Save Changes”