Aruba - Beacon Interval

By the standard, the default is 102.4ms. It should ALWAYS be set to something close to this value.

Setting a lower beacon interval than 102.4ms may help your devices receive information about various parameters from the AP at a faster rate but mobile devices may suffer from lower battery life. 

Beacons and probe response are two types of required wireless management frames that can increase channel utilization. Beacon frames are used by the VAP to advertise the SSID and inform connected clients that frames are waiting for delivery

As the number of wireless networks operating on a specific channel increases so does the number of beacon frames and probe responses.

The key to successful WiFi deployment is eliminating SSID redundancy. Redundancy occurs when multiple SSIDs are deployed providing different types of access, but the configurations used could allow for them to be consolidated into a single SSID.

Aruba Solution

  1. Login to Aruba Virtual Controller
  2. Click Configuration
  3. Click RF
  4. Show Advanced Options
  5. Expand Radio
  6. Edit the radio you would like to change by clicking the pencil icon
  7. Set beacon interval (default is 100ms)
  8. Click Ok