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Summary of changes per version of BridgeChecker for Windows and link to download install file.

BridgeChecker for Windows Change Log

Last Updated: January 31, 2024

# Windows Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented here.


- improved virtual adapter detection logic

BridgeChecker 2.0.4 Build 544


- Fix bug related to BC service crashing for some users

BridgeChecker 2.0.2 Build 542


- Improved logging

BridgeChecker 2.0.1 Build 541


- Improved license activation procedures

BridgeChecker 2.0.0 Build 536


- Updated application to match Windows 10 user interface guidelines
- Requires new license key. Contact support@accessagility.com for v2.0 license key for your organization
BridgeChecker 2.0 Build 535


- Added RESET_ADAPTERS command-line option - This can be used to reset all adapters during the reinstall or update of the app. This will only work during an update (reinstall) and provided during install will be ignored. Valid values 0 or 1. When provided as 1, adapters will be reset.

- App has been updated to automatically reset adapters whenever a system update is detected. 
-- latest configurations for all adapters are stored in the predefined adapter list and also record the current OS version
-- when service starts it compares the last saved OS version with the current OS version and if not the same it automatically restores adapters.

BridgeChecker v1.9.8_b711



- App has been updated to have two new options as detailed below :

DEBUG_LOGGING_ENABLED - Installation option (supported on the command line as well as on UI). If selected or any value other than 1 meaning Debug logging is disabled by the user. The default value is 1.

ENABLE_ALL_ADAPTERS - Uninstall option (supported on the command line as well as on UI). If selected or value is 1, all non-whitelisted adapters will be enabled with the uninstall of the app. The default value is 1.
Note when uninstalled via Control Panel, app uninstall UI is not shown and since the default value is 1 so adapters will be enabled.

BridgeChecker v1.9.8_b710





- New Feature:  command line options added for updated/reinstall option. See user guide for details.

BridgeChecker v1.9.8_b709





-New Feature: Install parameter added for whitelisting specific adapters

BridgeChecker v1.9.7_b705





-Bug fixes
-Updated "PASSWORD_FILE_PATH" install issue

BridgeChecker v1.9.7_b703





-Updated a new installer to .exe so that future versions do not have to remove older versions during upgrade.
NOTE: It is recommended to clear previous versions and start with this installer fresh.
-Add new command line parameters, including manually adding adapters, setting On/Off Switch policy, etc.
-Bug fixes
BridgeChecker v1.9.7_b702



- fixes to reduce CPU load
BridgeChecker v1.9.6_b624



- Inputparam file is showing password in plain text.
- Also added "Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A" as Modem / tertiary adapter.
- Forceful disable of adapter if native API fails
- Disable adapter even if there's no mac address is associated with adapter
- One of the changes of some adapter name / unique id conflict that was causing adapters to not get enabled / disabled as it was fixed too.
BridgeChecker v1.9.4_b607


- Improved adapter detection logic
- Improved adapter enable/disable logic
BridgeChecker v1.9.3_b600



- This version deletes programdata folder completely during uninstall
- Updated to not save password and license key as clear text in program data folder
- Now there's only one USB adapter rule "Disable all USB adapters except Whitelisted". So any whitelisted USB adapter would remains as is and won't be disabled.
- Updated app to always update adapter name in DB to avoid adapter mismatch issue
- Updated app to auto logout from app settings if app is idle (settings window for more than 10min).
- Please note that if settings window is open it will also be closed.
- Added child rule to "If any primary adapter is connected...." as 

  • "Disable all other primary adapters if any first is connected". 
  • Enabling this rule will disable all primary adapters those are below the enabled adapter in ordering / priority 
  • By default this rule is disabled

- Adapter ordering - Since new rule require user to define the priority between adapters in same type / category so app has been updated to change the priority / ordering between adapters using Up / Down button. 

  • Default ordering between adapters are as they are found via System API. 




- Added options to enable/disable USB adapters



- Fixed issue where application was not able to find instance of secondary adapter from Win32_NetworkAdapter OS class preventing re-enabling of secondary/wireless adapter



- Updated app to have automatically retry three times if activation fails during silent install because of a failed response from license server
- Fixed issue where application was not able to register key from license window with first attempt




- Support for network proxy for license key validation server
- Suppress license key alert during installation



- Support for new license verification system