Cisco - Captive Web Portal

How to setup Captive Web Portal

Cisco Solution

  1. Login to cisco controller
  2. Click on advanced tab
  3. Click on Security > AAA > RADIUS

  4. Click on WLANs  tab
  5. Select an SSID you would like to change from "WLAN ID"
  6. Move to Security > Layer 2 & Layer 3, then change Layer Security to None 
    115732-central-web-auth-00-03.jpeg (996×334)
  7. Move to AAA Servers and set Server IP address
  8. Move to Advanced Tab and change highlighted selections
    115732-central-web-auth-00-05.jpeg (1186×621)

  9. Click on Security > AAA > Access Control Lists

    <Configure ACL to redirect traffic to accept Captive Portal>
  10. Click “Apply”
  11. Click "Save Configuration" to save changes to WLC