Meraki - Hidden Networks (Hiding the SSID)

Most routers and APs automatically transmit their network name (SSID) into the open air every few seconds. SSID broadcasting helps clients to see and connect to the network. Otherwise, they have to know the name and set up a manual connection to it.


Don’t hide networks unless it is temporary (e.g. pilot) or you have complete control of all client devices.

Meraki Solution:

Here are the steps to check if your SSID is hidden or not:

  1. Login to your Meraki Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the “Wireless” tab on the left-hand column
  3. Under “Configure” click “SSID availability”
  4. You can change the Visibility to “advertise” or “Hide” 
  5. After the changes have been made, click “Save Changes”
  6. Go back to your WiFiScanner software and do another scan.
  7. Check and see if the issue has been resolved.