Meraki - Maximum Number of SSIDs For The Network

Minimize the number of SSIDs broadcasting on the network. Maximum of five SSIDs/radio, preferably less. Take advantage of the SSID Grouping feature.

Service Set Identifier or “SSID” is the name of the wireless network. SSID allows users or devices to connect to the desired network when multiple independent networks operate in the same physical area.

A basic rate is the most backward-compatible rate. For example, 802.11b rates are more legacy-compatible than 802.11g rates, because 802.11b was superseded by 802.11g. As you increase the minimum rate, clients need a higher signal to noise ratio to connect and use the access point. Clients must use the minimum rate or higher.


Using the WiFiScanner, check for a “#” symbol in the BSSID. Also, check for the number of SSIDs displayed in the WiFiScanner.

Meraki Solution:

  1. Log in to your Meraki Dashboard using the link provided. (
  2. Navigate to “Wireless” on the left-hand column.
  3. Under the “Configure” column, click on “SSID”
  4. On this screen a user can view the different types and the amount of SSID your network is broadcasting.
  5. After confirming the SSIDs numbers, and the settings; a user can either disable unwanted SSIDs or edit the setting for each individual SSID.
  6. After the changes have been made, click on “Save Changes”
  7. Go back to your WiFiScanner software and do another scan.
  8. Check and see if the issue has been resolved.