[Performance] Best settings for Output Power


The transmit power of an AP affects the wireless coverage area and the maximum achievable signal-to-noise ratio. Proper configuration of transmit power is important for ensuring a wireless network is operating at its highest capacity.  An access point output power is measured in dBm.


  • Click on the SSID you would like to investigate
  • Navigate to SSID Details tab in WiFi Scanner

  • Find TPC Report, it will show the transmit (or output) power in dBm


The FCC regulates WiFi output power to a maximum of 1 watt (1000mW) in the U.S Access points, routers, and bridges. Standard office spaces: 10-14dBm @EIRP for 5GHz. 6-10dBm @EIRP for 2.4GHz. Also, Reducing transmit power reduces the range of the AP, such that a user associates only with the nearest AP in a room containing multiple APs. This helps distribute the users across the APs deployed in a single physical space.