Tips To Secure My WiFI Beyond WiFi Scanner

Some other quick tips and common practice to making your WiFi safe.

Some Other quick tips you can use is don’t broadcast your SSID, even though this IS NOT a security protocol and should not replace setting WPA2 and using a password it does help minimize the chance of unwanted guests getting onto your network.  When you name your network, don’t make it easy to guess whose network it is – “The Smiths Home Network,” for example, a terrible idea if you’re the Smith family. Most importantly, definitely change the default password that came with the router. Use a secure password using current best practices to make sure it’s not easily guessed or cracked. Best practices dictate at least 14 characters long with upper, lower, numbers, and special characters. Personally, what I do is make it a short sentence that I can easily remember but will be impossible for other people to guess.