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Wi-Fi 6E / 6 GHz Channels

With access to the 6 GHz frequency band, Wi-Fi 6E opens the door to a wide range of available channels.

With the introduction of Wi-Fi 6E, access to the 6 GHz band provides a whole new landscape for channel planning. 

FCC - USA - 6 GHz Channel Allocations - Low Power Indoor

FCC - USA - 6 GHz Channel Allocations - Standard Power AP

With 1200 MHz of additional bandwidth, in the US 6 GHz allows for up to seven 160 MHz-wide channels, fourteen 80 MHz-wide channels, twenty-nine 40 MHz-wide channels and a whopping fifty-nine 20 MHz-wide channels.

At a normal power mode, APs are only allowed to access 850 MHz of spectrum space. On low power mode, there are no restrictions, and APs can use the entire 1200 MHz spectrum range. So, in a space with more access points at lower power, devices on 6 GHz can operate over 59 20 MHz-wide channels.

Download PDF version of 6GHz WiFI channel plan from here