[Performance] Keep Channel Utilization to a Minimum


Channel Utilization indicates how much 802.11 traffic the AP can "hear" on its channel, from all sources. The statistic is a percentage figure (15% in the example shown). This will include all 802.11 frames that the AP can hear from all APs and clients in the vicinity. It indicates the amount of time that the AP considers the channel to be busy.

Minimize wasted airtime. When you run out of airtime, stop. On-going monitoring. Best practice

 is <20% voice, <50% video, <75% data.

High channel utilization can cause the following symptoms:

  • Slow network performance
  • "Missing" SSIDs
  • Network timeouts or trouble connecting to network
  • Dropped network packets


Check Channel Utilization column in WiFi Scanner and track percentage


Move to a different channel post investigation.