Windows WiFi Scanner Release Notes

Windows WiFi Scanner Release Notes

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.6.7 Build 822 Release Notes (June 28, 2022)

- Fixed issue to correct 5 GHz channel width detection

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.6.3 Build 818 Release Notes (June 16, 2022)

- Fixed issue that prevented loading of pcap capture when "Vendor NS Next" is set to true in file
- Improved loading of large pcap / pcapng files

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.6.2 Build 817 Release Notes (June 14, 2022)

- Added WiFi 6E / 6 GHz access points out of band discovery using 2.4 and 5 GHz adapters
- Fixed issue where freeform text filtering was not working when scanning adapter selection was changed
- Fixed issue where Basic Rates were not displayed correctly
- Added additional entries to Genius tab
--- 6 GHz Access Point Detected Using 2.4 or 5 GHz Adapter alert
--- 802.11e Not Detected alert

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.5.18 Build 813 Release Notes (June 3, 2022)

- Support for detecting WiFi 6E / 6 GHz access points
- Support for external adapters that are compatible with Windows 10 and/or Windows 11
- Show the Basic Rates column by default and hide min rate column
- Fixed issue where save session window was not fully visible
- Added additional entries to Genius tab
--- Added Wi-Fi Multi-Media (WMM) related alerts
--- Added Forty MHz Intolerant alert
--- Added Rate Limiting alert
--- Added WPA3 SAE detected alert
--- Added Space-time Block Coding (STBC) detected alert
--- Added High Stream Capable Access Point detected alert
--- Updated Management Frame Protection (802.11w) Required detected alert
--- Updated logic for detecting High Beacon Overhead detected alert
--- Updated Protection in ERP detected alert

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.5.13 Build 802 Release Notes (May 15, 2022)

- Added Transmit Power Control (TPC) column to scan results
- Added AP Uptime column to scan results
- Improve color coding of suggestion priorities (Very High, High, Medium, Low, Very Low, Alert)
- Added Alert suggestion priority for items that are informational only
- Renamed Suggestions tab to Genius tab
- Added additional entries to Genius tab
--- 80211.r OTD detected
--- Access point short uptime detected
--- High access point power level detected
--- 802.11h related suggestion
--- Same SSID on both bands detected
--- Long guard interval detected
--- Non standard beacon interval detected
--- Mixed channel width on same SSID detected 
--- Meraki mesh hidden SSID detected

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.5.12 Build 795 Release Notes (March 15, 2022)

- Add suggestions tab that provides guidance on potential issues with selected SSID
- Added Beacon Interval information per SSID
- Added MCS Index column to scan results

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.5.8 Build 771 Release Notes (September 10, 2021)

- Fixed issue where app was reverting to trial mode after proper license registration
- Add "Custom Filters" to filter tree allowing users to save filters.
- Add ability to import / export Customer Filters.
- Fixed issue where 11ax adapters in about screen were listed as 11ac
- Added support SSH integration via key-based authentication
- Add "Alerts" to filter tree with predefined filters that are most relevant to analyzing WiFi networks
- Other fixes for speed improvements

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.4 Build 755 Release Notes (March 31, 2021)

- Fixed sorting issue in scanner table view grid. Some were sorting alphabetically when they should have been numerically sorted
- Fixed sorting issue in scanner tree on left side for BSSID and a few others
- Fixed issue where license key was not reflected correctly requiring reentering of license key
- Improved Remote WiFi Scanner configuration testing to alert OS issues to WiFi Scanner
- Fixed issue where some devices were not showing interface information in About WiFi Scanner tabs
- Improved logging of remote WiFi Scanner using SSH to WLAN Pi / any Linux device that supports tcpdump and has WiFi adapter that can be configured for monitor mode.
- Fixed signal issues withe remote wifi scanner device. has USB Adapter with multiple transmit and receive antennas
- Improved Performance
- Many other bug fixes

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.2 Build 731 Release Notes (January 14, 2021)

- Remote WiFi Scanner using SSH to WLAN Pi / any Linux device that supports tcpdump and has WiFi adapter that can be configured for monitor mode.
- Improved Performance

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.1 Build 714 Release Notes (November 10, 2020)

- Ability to open in pcap files and analyze wifi information
- Improved detection of wide 2.4 and 5 GHz channels (40, 80, 160)
- Improved visualization of ACI (adjacent channel interference) and CCI (co-channel interference) networks
- Fixed issue where BSS Load station count and/or utilization was not correct for all scenarios
- Many other minor improvements
- Improved performance

Windows WiFi Scanner v2.0 Build 681 Release Notes (September 24, 2020)

- Updated user interface to match Windows 10 user interface guidelines
- Windows WiFi Scanner v1.x is End of Sale and End of Support. All existing v1.x users with an active license should upgrade to version 2.0 at no cost.